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Social Media Video Marketing

Why videos in social media?

In less than twenty seconds, a customer wants to find the information that’s needed about a business or she moves on to another site. That’s why a short, visually-appealing video, whiteboard video, or animated motion graphics is proven to grab and hold attention.

So instead of posting one video in a blog about a new service or product, think of your campaign in terms of a series.

What type of story can you tell that will allow you to post a short video in multiple blog posts over the course of several weeks?

Share short, punchy videos with social media fans. Increase visitors and increase your website’s search ranking

Social media has revolutionized the way online users communicate, often trumping longer forms of content. Micro-videos are typically less than twenty seconds, making them ideal for sharing on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Potential customers can quickly view a compelling visual message from you as they scroll through their social media feeds, share, and re-tweet.

Content ideas for increasing viewer curiosity with short 20 second videos clips

    • Animate sections of your home page graphics and insert them in your social media posts.
    • Have you created an infographic? Animate the sections for short, informative content
    • Take a blog campaign and create a short, illustrative video for each post in the campaign

Benefits of social media video marketing

      • More Traffic To Your Website
      • Better Search Engine Rankings
      • Increased Brand Recognition, Authority and Loyalty
      • More Opportunities To Convert Visitors To Leads Or Sales
      • Decreased Marketing Costs (Spend Less Money On Ads).
      • A Richer Customer Experience of Your Brand
      • Improved Customer Insights