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ZOOMinity partners closely with a selected few to offer social media, SEO, SEM and content writing services.
Our goal is to help our clients achieve success in all areas of their digital marketing through a single, reliable point-of-contact at ZOOMinity.

Bottom line: get measurable results at a very affordable price.

Bill Rice –
Founder of Humanized Communications

bill rice

Bill Rice is a 25-year marketer, a social media and social business cheerleader, and founder of Humanized Communications. He manages many of the digital marketing projects on which ZOOMinity partners with Humanized Communications, and he keeps a close eye on the rapidly changing environments around SEO, social media marketing and content marketing. In addition, Bill is becoming known in the industry as a passionate evangelist of trust-based marketing practices.

As a team of highly experienced freelance marketing communications professionals, Humanized Communications brings a real depth of talent to social media, SEO and content writing projects. Over the years we have worked in very close association with the experts at Humanized Communications on many digital marketing projects, effectively and affordably bringing great results for our clients.

Website: http://humanizedcommunications.com/

Jason Pedersen –
Founder of The BOSS-SEO 

Jason Pedersen has worked in the marketing industry for over 12 years with constant success, in both digital and print marketing. Jason worked with real estate firms, major casinos, and small and large medical practices all over the US to maximize their digital and print presence and reputation, including his own software customization company. Sprung from a need, The BOSS-SEO was Jason’s design.

He saw that as companies’ web presence increased, he had to work smarter to keep his thriving medical software development firm on top of the search engines.  After extensive study, endless courses, diligent practice, trial and error, and social media forum interaction, Jason not only was able to keep his medical software development firm on top, but he also discovered a passion and a talent for SEO and digital marketing. Jason lives and breathes this stuff, and now leads a team of SEO strategists, content writers, and programmers.
The BOSS-SEO is becoming a source for search engine optimization and digital content marketing for Utah businesses and business all around the U.S., and he never wants to stop.

Website: http://theboss-seo.com/