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Food photography for online marketing

Food photography

It’s important to remember that we first eat with our eyes.  Having appetizing food photos for your marketing materials is a sure-fire way to grab a potential shopper’s attention when they’re either shopping for your menu or a kitchen product online or in print.

Appetite appeal sells.

Harvest Right's Review

We had Henri take beautiful photographs of our new Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer appliance. He was very professional and the photographs turned out just like we hoped. He also went above and beyond the photography project to create a display with lots of fresh fruits and vegetable and several jars of food arranged nicely around our the Home Freeze Dryer. He was detail-oriented and took the initiative to arrange everything nicely to make it work well for future marketing brochures, ads and online advertising. He also followed up all his photography by re-touching and color-correcting the photographs after the session. We appreciated all he did and will look at using him again for our photography project(s).

Stephanie Barlow
Marketing director at Harvest Right

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