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eMagazines for online marketing

Modern dental care

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eMagazines or Digital magazines

Electronic magazines reach and engage audiences in a short time. Around 58% of digital magazine readers read their edition the same day it arrives. We have deep expertise in creating professional e-magazines that professionally educate as well as drive awareness, branding, inquiries and sales.

Modern dental care

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Measuring your ad clicks

With e-magazines you can tell your advertiser exactly how many readers clicked on the hotlink provided in any advertisement, thanks to ad-management and ad-serving technology. Plus, publishers can now insert rich media into content using video, sound and interactive links, giving the reader an experience of watching a TV commercial while at the same time reading more about the advertiser online – all  without having to open a separate window, and copy paste or search for the advertiser or the product. Studies have shown 73% of those reading digital magazines reported paying attention to ads in e-magazines, by either tapping on them or reading the content.

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