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ZOOMinity success stories

I had Henri create a promotional video for my company, The Release Connection. I couldn’t be happier with the results. In fact I am thrilled again every time I watch it. The end product is pristine, very professional and well crafted. Henri was a joy to work with and had great ideas and suggestions. Everyone who was involved in the project had a great time and was made to feel at ease in his studio. I highly recommend Zoominity Productions for all your on-line marketing needs. You won’t regret it. 

Curt Redd, LMT

Myofascial Release Specialist, Freeway Propane

I have had Henri do work for Freeway Propane since 2005, he is always very professional and good at whatever I have ask him to do, (from corporate branding to videos, to info graphics and web sites). I would not trust our work with anyone else. Feel free to contact me for a recommendation.

Richard Maughan

General manager, Freeway Propane

The services are professional, timely, well priced and flexible. They do a good job of learning their clients needs and providing a quality solution. Henri is extremely easy to work with and loves what he does.

Becky Olsen

Senior Marketing Manager, Chief MO

Henri is a pleasure to work with. He’s a real graphics, video and web expert whose work is prompt and professional. And I enjoy brainstorming with Henri about creative ideas and projects. He is easy to communicate with and fun, unexpected ideas come from our discussions.

Bill Rice

Founder, Humanized Communications

Why ZOOMinity?

We are innovative, creative, and brand-savvy
We are dependable, professional & trustworthy
We know sales, and are very results oriented
We stay on top of latest technologies and trends
We put our prices right on our website
—no hidden costs

Engage, educate & incentivize your visitors.

You spend a lot of time and money to bring people to your website. One of the best ways to grab the attention of your website visitors is to include a short, eye-catching video. Not only will you keep visitors engaged and sticking around longer to check out your products and services, but the Google search engine ranks websites higher that are shown to engage visitors (which brings more visitors!)

Our expertise


Web design

Graphic design



ZOOMinity Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Click on the picture above for a quick tour)

About us

Zoominity Productions is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re happy to spend up to an hour at no charge to meet with you and consult regarding your website and other digital marketing efforts. If you would like a further evaluation, at a low cost, we’ll evaluate your website and measure its “stickiness,” we’ll test it to see whether or not it is mobile or tablet compatible, and we’ll evaluate your social media, SEO, content and branding effectiveness.

Meet Henri

“I dedicated my career to creative and design endeavors, and founded ZOOMinity Productions in 2010”.

“Following my passion for design, early in my career I traveled the world, pursuing creative projects in London and South Africa. Later I helped to pioneer the execution and implementation of videos on web sites for branding and impact, completing projects for local, national and international projects including the G8 summits and the APEC magazines”.

“Whether providing design and branding expertise to international organizations, established businesses or local start-ups, Zoominity Productions approaches each new project with a fresh, collaborative spirit to ensure the best, most compelling work possible”.

“Our emphasis on combining simplicity with elegance to create sophisticated yet intuitive, responsive and sticky web designs with a mix or multimedia and rich media, that has earned our shop trust and recognition”.

Our partners

We carefully select and work closely with a handful of partners with whom we share the same vision.

Our vision

We love what we do and want to work and help those who are as passionate about their trade. We want to see our partners and clients reach their goals, and by the same token see them reach new heights.

Marketing tips
by ZOOMinity Productions

Marketing tips are highly effective but often overlooked. Do you implement the marketing tips that you read?
Our goal is to keep marketing tips illustrated and animated, or condensed to a very short paragraph.

Because we are visual learners, the challenge is to get viewers to remember the marketing tips, and hopefully apply them if they make sense. We promise to keep them short and sweet and to the point.