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Good storytellers know how to hold their audience's attention, a skill that is increasingly important in our information rich age. Let us translate your ideas to new forms of communication.

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About us:

Zoominity Productions conveys your marketing message in elegant, entertaining and informative ways using video, infographics, motion graphics, white board animation, e-brochure, graphic design, & photography.

The firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our expertise:

– Corporate story telling videos to help market a service or product.
Infographics to convey statistics, data, and other useful information.
– Design, development, and review of web sites.
– Interactive video business cards for email signatures.
eBrochures and digital magazines for email marketing.
– Creation and review of corporate image and brand identity.

Our clients:

We select our prospects carefully to be certain we are the right resource to help them achieve their goals.

Our studio:

Our Studio, located in Salt Lake City, it is well equipped with the latest technology for photography, video production and editing. The studio provides a comfortable, creative environment for client meeting and design development.

Our associates:

We provide the experience of a big agency at an affordable price.”
For this reason we team up with experts in the fields of social media and SEO

How we work:

We identify your goals and objectives then come up with marketing solutions for you to consider.

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